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July 31th Wednesday

Business days and hours can be changed without notice.

About bragmen

"ONE PIECE FITNESS BragMen"  is The fitness gym inspired by the world of One Piece. The establishment is a reference to the Brag Men book, which is mentioned in the manga's 13th compiled volume. The book describes adventure tales from the Grand Line and introduces the Little Garden island, where the Straw Hat pirates eventually journey to. BragMen's training room will have One Piece theming, and the trainers will be dressed as naval officers.


At BragMen, we have a “use system” that allows you to use the gym on a one-time basis.
There is no registration fee, and you can use it without becoming a monthly member.
It is recommended for those who live far away and who do not use the facility frequently, or for those who want to experience the facility.


We'll be offering free original stickers to all participants!
All plans include free rental of shoes and a small towel.
※additional charges required for sports wear rentals (shirts and pants).

*1 Measuring body composition & Handing out the original measurement paper (Only once).

■There is no advance reservation. Please visit the facility directly.
■Separate usage fee
 Measuring body composition & Handing out the original measurement paper(Only once):¥1,320(tax include)

*Visitor plan users are required the identification.
*If you do not have Japanese citizenship, please present your passport or alien registration certificate.
*Information about your identification will be registered in our system.
*People over 13 years old are available. However, under 18 years old those who are from foreign countries need parent consent form.
*In the visitor plan, studio lesson is not available except it still has the capacity on the day (even if you purchase the plan Visitor A)
*Please note that there will be cases we cannot deal with your request when it is crowded.

Important Notices

  1. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your requests due to congestion.
  2. Please be aware that filming is prohibited in the gym.
  3. Shoes are not allowed inside the gym.
    We kindly ask you to wear the provided specialized shoes for your usage.

Dear visitor

  • Please refrain from taking videos in the gym.
  • If you wish to shoot a video for media coverage, influencers, athletes, etc., you must apply in advance, so please use the Inquiry form below.

Location / Access Guide

Shibuya MODI 9F

Business hours:
Mon.-Fri. 6:30AM〜11:30PM, Sat. 8:00AM〜7:00PM, Sun. 8:00AM〜6:00PM
1-21-3, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 9F BragMen
Access from JR Yamanote Line,Tokyo Metro Line and Inokashira Line shibuya Station.

9F BragMen About Entering the Store

※Elevator in the building is available between 11:00AM and 8:00PM.


We are unable to ship overseas, so if you are visiting from overseas, please purchase locally.

payment methods

At our store, payment is possible by credit card and cash.
The price includes tax.

  • -<TAN>-(LUFFY) T-shirt


    JPY 5,500

  • -<GOU>-(ZORO) T-shirt


    JPY 5,500

  • -<SHOKU>-(SANJI) T-shirt


    JPY 5,500

  • -<GEKI>-(USOPP) T-shirt


    JPY 5,500

  • Kid's T-shirt(white)


    JPY 3,520

  • Kid's T-shirt(black)


    JPY 3,520

  • Kid's T-shirt(red)


    JPY 3,520

  • Gum Gum Shooting Release Gun


    JPY 14,300

  • Original Exercise Pole


    JPY 6,050

  • Protein Shaker


    JPY 2,228

  • Whey Protein

    Cocoa Island Chocolate Flavor(900g)

    JPY 5,970

  • Whey Protein

    Wano Country Oshiruko Flavor(900g)

    JPY 5,970

  • Whey Protein

    Jaya Island Cherry Pie Flavor(900g)

    JPY 5,970

  • Backpack


    JPY 2,063